Zadar – Region

Situated at the very northern end of Dalmatia, the nocturnal resting place of the Sun, is the wondrous town of Zadar, adorned with a string of surrounding natural beauties: Velebit, the most impressive mountain in Croatia, separated from Zadar by an even more impressive Zrmanja River canyon; the magical islands of Kornati scattered offshore like stony pearls; and well-hidden historical sites in its inland.

A Trip to Nin & Lun

A short drive away from Zadar, in the middle of a sandy lagoon, the glorious town of Nin (Aenona) has been proudly standing for almost 3000 years as one of the oldest towns in the Mediterranean. Its exceptionally rich and troubled history dates back to the 9th century BC…

Monument to Dalmatian heroine

Zadar Walking Tour

By walking the main city street – Kalelarga (Via Magna, Strada Grande, Ruga Magistra, Calle Larga – Wide Street) and advancing through the charming town core, every now and then we will make a slight turn to the left or right, each time stepping into a time machine…

Dalmatian knitting heritage - picture curtesy Ivo Pervan

Zadar – Off the Beaten Path Tour

The wider Zadar area encompasses astonishing natural, historical and cultural sites which are relatively unknown even to an average Croat, allowing us the privilege of going “below the radar” and experiencing a true off-the-beaten-path adventure. The tour starts with…