Bosnia & Herzegovina

List of available tours in Bosnia & Herzegovina

Don’t try to understand it – just experience it! A victim of the area in which it is located, Bosnia is for visitors understanding at the same time challenging, mysterious and fairytale-like. It is almost impossible to interpret with a typical narrative; she is listened and tasted, sung and laughed; she is celebrated and mourned. She speaks through the contrast of war-torn buildings to the great renewal movement, the verse of sevdah to the rock and roll riff. It abounds in hidden attractions, full of mountains and rivers interlaced with multicultural peculiarities, thus considered a World-class terra incognita – the most potent off-the-beaten-path destination to explore.

Walking tour of Sarajevo

Beauty and drama are the two main dominant threads of this tour. It takes an excellent life-experienced guide to interpret this truly unique city. During this rather pleasant and straightforward walk, this is perhaps the only place you will be eager to learn more…

Monument to Dalmatian heroine

Stolac, Radimlja and Daorson

Explore many natural and human-made wonders that Herzegovina abounds in. Visit Hutovo Blato, a nature park that will allow you to see and explore one of the largest bird reserves in Europe. Following the visit to the park, your tour will continue towards Radimlja…

Dalmatian knitting heritage - picture curtesy Ivo Pervan

Walking tour of Mostar

A small town settled on and divided by the most crucial Bosnian river features ethnical and architectural diversity, telling the full-blooded story of the so-called Balkan destiny. A relatively short drive from the Adriatic coastline, approachable from Dubrovnik or Split….