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Peak tourist season travel news & a bit more


by Robert Bralić | July 20, 2020

Travel and tourism news in Croatia

Ever since our last update, the number of tourists visiting Croatia has doubled. Croatian Tourist Board published over 600 000 tourists reported staying in the country, out of which 15% are local. However, not all destinations note the equal distribution of guests; moreover, Istria and northerly regions feature the majority as most tourists are car-tourists from the European countries such as Germany and other Central European countries.

Nonetheless, since resuming international air traffic and a further increase of arrivals from farther destinations such as London flights, or less frequent from Oslo, air traffic is starting slowly to get back on its feet. So through the rest of the season, we can expect a further boost of air traffic.

For now, no outbreaks of Coronavirus were reported from any tourist centre whatsoever; only isolated individual cases.

On the first tourist season “hit” weekend, on the borders car queues were building up despite higher numbers of Coronevirus reported by the government. Tourists believe in their safety, especially since the numbers of visitors are not high. Most people visiting are families with children or groups of friends and relatives.

The so-called “new normal” is present in every day little things. Waiters everywhere wear masks and gloves, while people are observant to distance.

If you are considering a trip to Croatia, please do feel free to e-mail us and we shall provide all necessary information.


Coronavirus in Croatia

From ongoing news in this section, we can point out that Croatian authorities have responded to recent “overrelaxation” of measures due to which a few outbreaks of the virus occurred. As of July 11, there have been several new measures introduced like the obligatory use of face masks, restrictions in event organisations and some latest border crossing recommendations and instructions.

All the latest news & updates on Coronavirus in Croatia can be found here.

A website of Croatian Institution of Public Health can be found here.


In contrast to our previous post conclusion on adjustment of Croatian people to so-called „new normal“, reports of new cases in combination with the reintroduction of some measures have made a direct impact on society. Now not only tourism-related facilities & staff stick to the safe mode of conduct, but every bar or grocery store visitor is very observant to maintaining social distance and mandatory wearing of masks. We conclude that people will probably shift between the two modes, depending on the influence of media and eventual new outbreaks.

A couple of days ago, I visited Primošten and testified that hotels and beaches were decently occupied. There were no crowds in sight; everyone rather seemed to be enjoying that fact. There are always two sides of the medal.

Beach on the northwestern side of Primošten


Beach facing the old town

Tourism, virus and sustainability

Although times seem ideal on drawing the line and contemplating on the sustainability issues in tourism, still, the recently passed over-tourism topics with their negative repercussions on local life and environment appear to be out of even the smallest news articles for now.

However, a business partner of ours has forwarded us some positive news from other destinations that are valid to share; after all, the problem is global. You can read it here on CNN Travel portal. We hope Croatia will come up with similar solutions in the nearer future and that we shall all return to tourism in a much more friendly manner to all living beings in our country as well.



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