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News on Croatia reopening


by Robert Bralić | Jun 8, 2020

Having handled the Covid-19 crisis thanks to a strong determination and discipline of its citizens, the Republic of Croatia first started reopening its inter-country communications since late April due to the weakening of the epidemic, after which a gradual reopening of borders ensued in May.

Throughout May, the situation has been improving daily, until we have reached no new cases for weeks. Currently, we have no new cases of the disease, and less than 15 previously infected people remain hospitalised. For travellers that would like to check daily updates on Coronavirus in Croatia, newest and most reliable information can be found on this site.

With the announcement of relaunching of international flights to Croatia from June 15th, the basis was set for us to start re-establishing our ground operational level, in accordance with the new measures introduced by the Croatian Institute of Public Health.

Given the previously mentioned facts, Ventula Travel DMC announces that all programmes set for 2020 are fully operational according to the set itineraries. Moreover, visitors who have scheduled sailing itineraries controlled by a local operator certainly have an advantage over visitors with free arrangements or bigger groups.

Since it is evident that the virus is still among us and its return can be expected at any time, necessary steps have been taken so we could start learning how to live with it. All our service providers have introduced measures that increase the safety of our clients, starting with daily monitoring of each staff member’s temperature, which is a measure adopted by all listed service providers. The rest are listed below as follows:

  • Transportation suppliers:

Since all our groups are small (up to 12 people), consisting mostly of family members, groups of friends, or couples with similar travel taste, they can be safely treated as a single entity during transportation. All our drivers are wearing masks and have installed disinfectants on all entrances and exits, for the disinfection of both hands and footwear. All passengers arriving individually (separately from the group) shall have maximum safety measures provided on airports by the airport staff, as well as by our drivers and guides upon exiting arrival/departure terminals.

  • Accommodation:

Accommodation service providers have successfully introduced all safety measures as specified by the relevant institutions. However, since our accommodation service suppliers vary from small boutique hotels and villas to larger hotels, not all of their measures coincide. Instead, we list the most common ones such as:

  • 50% of capacity available for booking
  • Contact-free or designated safety distance at check-ins & check-outs has been established
  • 24-hour disinfection period between room occupancies
  • Hand sanitizer stations installed throughout public areas
  • More frequent cleaning and disinfection of public areas
  • Social distancing signage and distance markers placed in appropriate areas (all public areas, spa, restaurants, gym)
  • Luggage disinfection
  • Temperature check
  • Precautionary protocol valet service
  • Mandatory use of protective equipment for staff
  • Food and beverage services have been adjusted in accordance with the current safety recommendations
  • Provision of protective equipment on request
  • No self-service buffet – Where possible, hotel/accommodation restaurants mainly provide a-la-carte service. Where buffet service is offered, no self-service will be available as guests can safely be served by a chef at buffet stations
  • Restaurants/Food & beverage suppliers:

Tables are kept free until the arrival of guests; cutlery is served upon arrival. No standard printed menu lists available. The number of people is limited in accordance with the minimum distance and number of seats/tables. Special staff conduct regulations and disinfectants schedule.

  • Yacht/Boat/Charter suppliers:

On all boats, regulations are a combination of accommodation and restaurant measures, except for the distance protocol which is impossible and, in the majority of cases, pointless. The list of safety measures on board consists of:

  • Safe embarkation – luggage, footwear and hand disinfection at the entrance
  • Disinfection of all supplies loaded on board
  • Daily deep cleaning and disinfection of all rooms and decks
  • Pre-delivery safety check of the supplier chain
  • Guides

All our guides have applied safety regulations in their guiding procedures; from wearing protective masks during guiding to making sure our clients keep the recommended social distance.

What do travellers need to do to enter Croatia?

So far, entry without any specific procedures is allowed only for the travellers from the EU/EEA, but with adherence to the epidemiological control and measures recommended by the Croatian Institute of Public Health. People from other countries need to do two things to enter Croatia unless they are handled by a local agency or a DMC:

  • Complete the form on this website – applies to ALL travellers in the group
  • Present evidence of a reason for their entry in the country – applies only to independent travellers or groups/individuals not handled by a local agency or DMC.

However, due to safety reasons, Ventula Travel DMC recommends to all our travellers to minimize social contact before leaving their homes.

What if there is a COVID-19 outbreak in a hotel, on a boat or within our group?

There are clear guidelines and protocols for each scenario. If symptoms occur, an epidemiologist on duty shall initiate the procedure specified by the Croatian Institute of Public Health.

All measures are based on testing, prevention and protection. All contacts have to be established and tested, after which various procedures will follow, depending on the scenario which might include hospitalisation, quarantine or self-isolation.

General information and Coronavirus-related updates in Croatia

For anyone who would like to be updated on a daily basis, the government of the Republic of Croatia has created an “Official government website for accurate and verified information on Coronavirus” here.

Since the EU Member States and the European Commission are working on minimising the impact of the introduced restrictions on the European Single Market and free movement of persons, a Croatian EU Presidency website has been launched that offers latest news and updates which can be found via this link.

Website of Croatian Institution of Public Health can be found here.

News from the Ministry of Tourism can be found on their website here.


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