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Summer travel updates



by Robert Bralić | August 14, 2020

Travel and tourism circumstances in Croatia

Welcome to another dose of seasonal, but sensationless news from tourism in Croatia. As we assumed in our last post, the number of arrivals has been growing steadily and is still on the rise this weekend. But a drop is expected from next week, as we approach the fall season.

The numbers from the end of this week say there are over 820 000 visitors in Croatia, predominantly in the northern coastal regions of the country.

For this set of news, we decided to take a walk through Split in the evening hours, just to feel the vibes of tourism under these circumstances; perhaps grab a bite on our way.

Split Riva in the evening light

As the increase of flight arrivals continued since July, this weekend, we`ve had visitors coming from London, Bristol, Manchester, Leeds, Amsterdam, Dublin, Belfast, Frankfurt, Paris and many other destinations (more information on Split-airport arrivals website here). The situation on other airports is somewhat different, especially in Zagreb where there are no intercontinental arrivals, with only ten landings on this day.

It feels very reassuring to see tourism workers acting very professionally, being able to keep high standards in maintenance of the measures and recommendations brought by our National Institute of Public Health.

Day tour stand on the waterfront


Tourists returning from their tour


Although Croatia has been placed on higher risk lists of some countries like the Netherlands, and more recently – Italy, other countries are still considering Croatia as a safe destination, with occasional expression of concern arriving from some countries diplomacy.

When all the data from tourist arrivals are taken into account, as objective as we can be, we can say that we have achieved satisfactory tourist results so far; Although it is very noticeable that the age group of travellers remains to be under 55-60 years of age.

Nautical tourism seems to suffer the least as it offers the best social distancing solutions

Coronavirus in Croatia

From ongoing news in this section, we point out the recent ban of work for night clubs due to some cases of the virus outbreaks, along with additional restrictions and recommendations that can be followed daily on this link. We have had many reports of younger travellers being careless and inconsiderate towards recommendations and measures of Croatian Institute of Public Health, from social distancing to wearing masks and hand sanitation. We cannot shake the impression that the virus is less of a threat than indiscipline.

Youth posing


Peristyle of Diocletian`s Palace is one of the favourite posing spots

Following that conclusion, the number of infected people started to grow from earlier this week. However, the growth is still not exponential because county officials are enforcing the usual measures, i.e. from quarantine and hospital care to tracking contacts and putting them in self-isolation. Since the Fall is around the corner, the number is expected to grow even further.

Local coexistence

According to our last conclusion (quote: people will probably shift between the two modes, depending on the influence of media and eventual new outbreaks), we notice local people being more strict and careful when news headlines report higher numbers. Surprisingly, only day or two with reports of lower numbers is enough to make people lowering masks on their chin, or not wearing them at all.

Since recently we have had significant social events and holidays such as the Sinj Alka, or today`s holiday of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, we can say that Croatian people have successfully balanced between traditions and health risks.  Because of the awareness of the risks involved and caution measures enforced,  there were no reports of the virus outbreaks connected to these or any other festivities which were held. However, there were outbreaks related to weddings, baptism celebrations and similar events.

Street musicians in action on the ancient pavement. These guys sounded heavenly. In the background is Silver Gate of the Palace.


This guy…well….not so much, but he had the posture like he did.


This seemed a nice place to have dinner, but unsurprisingly, all tables were taken as this is the gastronomic spot to be at.


Some other places were waiting for guests in anticipation.


A quick and tasty bite seemed the best solution.


Tourism, virus and sustainability

Currently, there are a lot of tourism-related topics in Croatia and beyond, surely even more virus-related; but what about sustainability….? Unfortunately, sustainability in tourism seems to have fallen on the scale of importance. Moreover, for now, the most important thing seems to be how to return to the previous, unsustainable situation. As for our part of the sustainability story, we continue to include CO2 offset in all our travel packages for the following seasons, in accordance with our sustainability policy. More about our sustainability policy and mission you can find on this link.

Local barber


That is all for this month`s set of news from tourism. We are very much looking forward to our September post-tourist season travel updates. Until then, stay safe…


  1. Claudia Reynolds Harris

    Thanks Robert; love the photography! Updates are very informative.

  2. Robert Bralić

    Hi Claudia, I appreciate your comment. Very kind of you.

  3. Judy

    So many memories. Thanks for the photo update.

  4. Robert Bralić

    Hi Judy, you are welcome. We hope you and Steve are doing good.

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