Food & Wine Tours

Croatian gastronomy features diversity as its most important hallmark, which is completely logical considering its geopolitical history. Over the course of the centuries, all four sides of the world have poured their influence into the Croatian pot(s), incorporating it in the context of their era. Every Croatian region is characterised by different produce and different ways of food preparation that in some cases date back to prehistory. Like a carefully prepared menu, the travel itineraries in front of you reveal the true face of the local people and their land through the aromas of wines and food on their tables.

Mainland & Island Gastronomic Tour

15 days

The cities of Split and Dubrovnik are travel destinations which undoubtedly need to be included in every accomplished traveller’s to-do list, which is further confirmed by their World Heritage Site status. This experience, however, offers an entirely new perspective…

Vintage Horizons

12 days

Embark on an extraordinary journey from northern Croatia to the captivating Dalmatian coastline. Explore undiscovered realms, rich heritage, and breathtaking landscapes, adding an unexpected spice to life. Immerse yourself in local cultures, relish award-winning wines…