Experiential Travel

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Croatia abounds in natural and cultural diversity, and as such it represents an ideal vacation destination with an emphasis on virtually any topic. Here you can acquire experience and impressions which, in terms of their content, can be classified as a more specific form of tourism.

Ventula Travel DMC enjoys having excellent cooperation with the local community and institutions; therefore, enabling us to produce some truly unique experiences. We are quite passionate about the local community and the environment. By involving them in our programmes, we always try to trigger positive reactions and to create circles of sustainability around them.

A relatively new term in tourism industry, experiential travel is really made for non-conformists who would like to have even more than an immersive experience of the destination they visit. Going completely off the well-beaten path is an item ranking high on our clients’ wish list. Thus, although most of our programmes include some elements of this type of tourism, we have created a selection of true experiential tours.

Excavations of the Ancient Salona 2023

15 days

This tour is intended for archaeology and travel enthusiasts, both professionals and amateurs, allowing them to work with an expert team on location in Salona. The excavations will take place every morning from Monday to Friday, focusing on the area inside the eastern…

Dalmatian knitting heritage - picture curtesy Ivo Pervan

Handicrafts of Dalmatian Women through History

7 days

Often, unknowingly, we travel past very authentic experiences or interesting encounters, which is what happened to the writer of this program, despite him being a native. In today`s world the value of everything is expressed by means of money, but throughout history…

Monument to Dalmatian heroine

Dalmatian Heroines – Then and now

7 days

The story of the Dalmatian women’s heroism through history and the present is instructive, witty, and somewhat bitter-sweet. It will surely be enjoyed by every traveller that appreciates authentic over touristy experiences. Their almost forgotten destinies will surely…

The Quest for the (Lost) Identity

7 days

In the late 19th and the early 20th century, due to difficult life circumstances, many people left this region and headed for the New World in search of a better life, sent off with nothing but tears of their beloved ones. Today, after hundred years or more, we…

Monument to Dalmatian heroine

Tour of the Croatian Coast

9 days

Group size: 1-16 max. TOUR HIGHLIGHTS Authentic cuisine Activities in nature Natural beauties 2 World Heritage Sites Individual approach Local specialties Off the beaten path Meeting the locals TOUR DESCRIPTION Equally attractive to young adventurers whose interests…