The best way to experience the Adriatic

More than a thousand islands and one of the world`s most indented coastlines guarantee a lot of hideout bays; numerous World Heritage sites and national parks will mesmerize you with their beauty, a zillion impressive stories and marvellous architecture; pristine-clean sea, distinctively quirky islands and industry-free mainland offer delicious locally-grown food. All this is spiced with symphonic cricket concerts, waves swashing the rugged shoreline, and the smell of pines and the sea. It is a joy to sail across the Adriatic, an experience to remember for life. Oh, and one more thing: let`s keep it that way!

Heritage in hues: Croatian artistic voyage 2024

15 days / 14 nights

This itinerary is crafted for creatives and art aficionados who wish to experience a two-week journey that combines artistic growth, cultural immersion, and the wonders of nature, exploring both Northern and coastal Croatia…

Cruise the Northern Dalmatia

8 days

The Northern Dalmatian coast, characterized by rugged limestone mountains, pristine clear waters, unpopulated islands, historic towns and gorgeous climate, is an ideal destination for holidaymakers who prefer visiting places which are still not overrun by tourists….

Dalmatian Island Hopping Cruise

8 days

Embark on this magnificent voyage along the Adriatic Sea and discover the many wonders of one of the historically most significant Croatian regions – Dalmatia. Our yacht cruise will take you across the pristinely blue waters of the Adriatic, docking at several…