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Renewed Travelife Partner Certificate for Ventula Travel DMC



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In this way we would like to inform our clients, foreign partners and local suppliers that together we have taken one more step forward towards sustainability, and to send a message to our colleagues from the industry that it is well worth taking that step, because it concerns all of us, and especially our children.

Children are our greatest treasure? – this installation from Kaštela is very meaningful


As our Mission Statement says, ever since our company was founded, we wanted to develop it in accordance with the current understanding of sustainable business standards. However, the first step was to ensure we have a business in the first place.

It is only now, after having received the second Travelife Partner certificate, that we can say we are seriously on the way to a 100% climate-neutral business, which we expect to achieve in 2022.

For now, we have examples of socio-cultural programmes through which we support education and traditions in cooperation with local institutions…

Salona excavation programme – click on image to see more


…and also CO2 offset calculated for majority of our trips. It is very interesting that the vast majority of our clients are environmentally aware. So far, of all our FIT clients interviewed on their willingness to participate in compensation of CO2 emissions, we have received a 100% of positive replies.


Example of offset calculation in one programme



However, to keep this post as short and as succinct as possible, we will describe the steps we have taken so far, sharing our experiences, thoughts and arguments, and would like to invite you to share any questions, comments or useful insights you might have.

  • Why Travelife?

Thanks to the reputable professional association called UHPA (Association of Croatian Travel Agencies), which suggested this specialist certification body and conducted all the necessary preparations for us, we thought it was a wonderful opportunity. Namely, Travelife is a certification body, i.e. an organization which promotes sustainability in the tourism industry, that has clear procedures and a set of tools to implement those procedures in practice.

Association of Croatian Travel Agencies – click on image to visit their web site


Naturally, before the experience with Travelife, we were also confused by the number of sustainability certificates offered in the market and by the number of companies and individuals who, either consciously or unconsciously, promote sustainability primarily for the purpose of self-promotion, thus doing more harm than good. In this abundance of information, many people quit immediately, claiming that it is all for nothing or that it is all one big and expensive scam. Although the advocates of such an opinion are partially right, it is not the reason to simply brush it off. Besides, everything that is valuable requires some effort, does it not?

To be clear – Travelife is an organization whose implementation system is based on three simple principles:

  1. Training
  2. Management
  3. Certification

The system provides for everyone, from large tour operators to small DMCs such as ourselves, and does not only focus on environmental protection but also offers clear guidelines and conditions in the socio-cultural aspect.

Always giving the advantage to local and authentic


There are numerous requirements one needs to meet in order to receive the Partner certificate, but you would not believe how much you can improve business sustainability by introducing a single simple procedure or acquiring a new habit. The following two years will certainly be crucial for us in showing whether we can become Travelife Certified. For now, we would just like to celebrate a bit, especially because we received the certificate on Earth Day.

For those who like to know more about our business sustainability, this link contains all the information.

If you have any questions, we would be happy to provide some information or refer you to a competent expert.


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Ventula put together a great tour for us. The destinations were a good mix of what inland Croatia and Slovenia have to offer, the recommended restaurants were great, and the personal guides made the trip a total pleasure. We felt we had a fantastic scenic and cultural experience. I would...

Karen W., USA