This specialised program is designed for descendants of immigrants from a relatively narrow area of Dalmatia around Split. In the middle of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century, due to a difficult life in this region, those ancestors headed out for the New World in search of a better life, sent off with nothing but tears of their beloved ones. Today, after hundred years or more, we proudly offer this program to their descendants who can hear the call of their ancestor's homeland. We offer you the opportunity to reconstruct your past, re-establish family ties and connect with the local residents, in cooperation with the leading expert in genealogy of this area.

Villages, courtyards, and even the houses of ancestors, their remaining traces, lands they were cultivating, communication with the oldest remaining villagers, visits to those houses, analysis of the family tree and a potential discovery of close living relatives or their resting places… What this program offers is a complete Dalmatian culture experience.
Today, a hundred or more years later, their descendants – well-educated, hardworking and successful people – embark on a quest for their identity, imbued with a desire to grow closer to their ancestral homeland.

Understanding the needs of our immigrants from the human, biological and socio-cultural standpoint, this agency has formed an expert team of people supported with the leading genealogy expert of this region, for all those who want to reconstruct long broken family and homeland ties through targeted and carefully designed tours starting in their ancestors’ native place and its surroundings. The program is tailored in accordance with personal needs in terms of duration and organisation of accommodation.

So, all of you who want to explore the origin of your family in more detail and come to the threshold of your ancestral homeland, contact us with confidence so we can be of service in accomplishing this highly noble goal that is best illustrated by an old saying from our Poljica Republic:

"…Where one sprouted, there one grew!"


Brief Itinerary

Day 1

Traditional welcome upon arrival, transfer to your accommodation and leisure time.

Day 2

Introduction into the destination with a full-day guided tour of Split and its surroundings.

Day 3

Socializing with a genealogy expert; family tree analysis; visiting ancestors’ doorsteps.

Day 4

Meetings with potential relatives and families involved in traditional crafts of Dalmatia, such as wine and olive oil production.

Day 5

Departure day, transfer to the airport.


on request


This tour package is available throughout the year for a period of 5-7 days.
Possibility of accommodation in a 3- 4 * hotel or in a private apartment.
Meals available upon request.
Transport can be provided by us, or you can use your own vehicle.
Private guide / tour leader during your entire stay.
Information provided is illustrative and non-binding.
At your request, we will tailor a package deal to suit you and your needs on the basis of as much data as you can provide.