Escorted tour: professional English speaking escort from start to finish

The fortress...

Klis Fortress is situated on a cliff near Split, which since ancient times, until 2nd World War provided shelter to both, the defenders and the attackers. She was a key to Dalmatia, the Croatian seat of kings and nobles, Turkish begs and the Venetian commanders, while it’s most stubborn defenders were Uskok troops. From her they guarded Christian Europe.

  • Departure from the destination and drive to Klis, the fortress on a cliff near Split
  • Arrive at Klis Fortress and line-up of the Uskok troops
  • A tour of the fort, accompanied by a commander with a special program

Duration: approx. 2,5 hrs // Departure/Return: flexibile

About the historical Uskok troops...

It has always been the area was exposed to attacks by various invaders...

Immediately after the Croatian war for independence, its veterans from Klis area, from love towards their homeland and the heritage have established a historical unit called Klis Uskok troops.

As present day warriors, they have found their inspiration in the most glorious period - from the 30-year resistance to the Ottoman conquerors (16th century). Then, the only obstacles to their further penetration into Europe were legendary warlord Petar Kružić, the captain and the duke of Klis, with his faithful Uskok troops.

The historical Uskoks are a moving monument of a national, cultural and historical heritage, which together with Klis Fortress, which is one of the most beautiful fortifications on Croatian soil, still hold in memory the tale of a glorious times when Klis bled for economic and every other prosperity in Europe.

In cooperation with various historical associations, universities, institutions, museums, schools and cultural clubs, organizing workshops and performances, the Uskoks are not mere tourist attraction; even now they really are heroes in their everyday struggle for a better life of man, fighting with the honorable weapons - culture, knowledge and  the heritage.

To make the view on medieval life of Klis more authentic, in cooperation with relevant institutions, the Uskok historical unit is successfully engaged in experimental archaeology.

The Uskoks' program...

Walking through the fort, accompanied by the Uskoks you will experience a part of living history and participate in it in several ways, as viewers and participants.

Three defensive walls, governor´s  residence, the church of St. Vid (mosque from the Ottoman era), bastions, turrets, the museum collection of medieval weapons and the Uskok performance (fencing, archery, javelin ...) will occupy your attention for more than two hours.