Guided tour: professional English speaking guide from start to finish

Departing from the destination and driving towards the ancient metropolis Salona (Colonia Martia Julia Salona), the capital of the Roman province of Dalmatia (1st century BC – 7th century AD), formed by the delta of the river Jadro in protected sea bay below the Kozjak mountain. The ruins of an  Amphitheatre , a theatre, fortified walls, aqueducts, baths, temples, necropolis and basilicas, still bear witness to the size, prosperity and opulence of the ancient city (60 000 inhabitants). We must highlight the site Manastirine and Episcopal centre as the most important cemeterial or early Christian complex in this part of Europe.

From Salona we continue towards the place in which its most precious findings are stored, the Archaeological Museum, the oldest museum institution in south-eastern Europe. Since 1820, it preserves an extraordinary archaeological heritage found in this region. Eleven impressive collections of this museum will present you with a rich history and accompanied by your guide, you will be introduced to some real people from antique times...

  • Departure towards the ancient metropolis Salona and sightseeing
  • The visit to Archaeological Museum in Split
  • Walk to the city centre and free time
  • Sightseeing of the old centre with the palace
  • Return

Duration:  approx.  6 hrs.
Departure:  8:00 -11:00, 13:00 -16:00, every day except for Sunday.
Return:  flexible

From the museum we head towards the city centre, to a living museum in the open, the city of Split.

Split is not only the city, it is a living monument of the antique architecture intertwined with the early Christian, Byzantine and Medieval art. It is under the UNESCO protection from 1979.The city was founded as a spacious Roman palace near metropolis Salona, and was built by charismatic Roman Emperor Diocletian as his retirement residence. It was also a place of pagan worship, with the Emperor Diocletian’s mausoleum, which was ironically transformed into one of the first cathedrals in the world – St. Duje, celebrating the martyr and patron of Split. The Imperial cellars, the Peristyle, picturesque streets and squares, temples, sphinxes, fruit market, medieval palaces, fish market…Vivid pulse of the city will embrace your perception. It’s a beautiful picture and pleasant melody, engraved into the hearts of its citizens.