Guided tour: professional English speaking guide from start to finish

Due to the great interest in archaeology that exists here since the 15th century, back in 1820, the first museum in Split was founded, as an oldest museum in south-eastern Europe.

Today, in the Archaeological Museum, which was relocated due to lack of space in 1914, are a total of about 150.000 objects from prehistoric period, the Greek colonization of the Adriatic, the Roman and Early Christian period to the early Middle Ages and the period of Croatian popular rulers.

  • Departure to the Archaeological Museum
  • Tour of the collections with professional guidance
  • Visit to the Museum of Croatian Archaeological Monuments and sightseeing
  • Return

Duration: aprox. 4 hrs // Departure: 09:00 - 10:00h // Return: flexibile

There is a significant collection of stone inscriptions from Salona (around 6.000), a collection of Hellenistic Greek ceramics, Roman glass, ancient clay lamps (about 1600), bones, metal objects and a collection of gems (the largest in the country).The museum conducts a regular archaeological research at three sites, in Salona, Narona and Issa, has a branch building in Solin - Tusculum and two archaeological collections - a collection Narona in Vid near Metkovic and a collection Issa in Vis.

Another museum, the Museum of Croatian Archaeological Monuments, is the only museum in Croatia founded with the unique task of researching the material and spiritual culture of the Croats in the Middle Ages, from the 7th - 15th century.

This museum has an extensive collection of about 20.000 items, of which in the exhibition area is about 25%.

Those are mostly stone monuments of old Croatian churches, weapons and objects for everyday use. The collection of interlacing-ribbon and figural sculptures and a large number of early Croatian epigraphic monuments in Latin are one of the largest collections of this kind in Europe.

If you're a fan of the Middle Ages, MHAS is definitely the place for you.