Escorted tour: professional English speaking escort from start to finish

The excursion departs towards Klis Fortress, situated on a cliff nearby Split. From the early past until the Second World War the fortress was a shelter to both defenders and the conquerors.
Throughout history it was considered as a key to entrance in Dalmatia, the seat of Croatian rulers, the Turkish begs and the Venetian and Austrian commanders; however the most persistent defenders were Uskok fighters, unique fighters who guarded European Christianity from the fortress walls in the 15th and 16th century.

  • Departure from starting point and drive towards Klis, a fortress on a cliff near Split
  • Arrival and the line-up of the Uskok troops
  • A tour through the fortress accompanied by Uskok commanders with a special performance
  • Arrival at "Anton's Mill" for organized lunch and leisure
  • Return

Duration: approx. 6 hrs. / Departure: flexible / Return: flexible

From this impressive fortress you will enjoy a nice view at the whole basin of Split and the surrounding islands. It has always been the important link between the Mediterranean and the continent, the only road connection to hinterland, a severe guardian and a stone island - Klis. A walk throughout the fort accompanied by Uskok fighters will be an unforgettable experience of faithfully staged history. Three defence walls, the Governor´s residence, the church of St. Vitus (a mosque from the Ottoman era), bastions, turrets, the museum collection of medieval weapons and the Uskok fighter’s performance (swordplay, archery, javelin throw...), will entertain and educate you through the tour. 

After the Klis tour, we are going to lunch at Anton's Mill. This cultural monument is a perfect place to relax the mind and the body. Refresh yourself in a cool river, knead bread, light a fire, taste the brandy, domestic trout and a variety of fresh vegetables spicing it all up with a homemade wine in an authentic ambiance.