Guided tour: professional English speaking guide from start to finish

The excursion departs from your starting point towards Klis Fortress, situated on a cliff, which has been for many centuries Key to Dalmatia and a true altar to homeland. Being an important connection between the sea and the land, Klis is well known for its invincibility and long war against the Turks.

From this impressive fortress you will enjoy a nice view at the whole basin of Split and the surrounding islands.

  • Departure from the starting point and drive towards Klis
  • Arrival at the medieval fortress Klis (Key of Dalmatia) and a tour
  • Tour of Salona (ruins of the antique metropolis)
  • Departure to the old Croatian Solin, free time and leisure
  • Return

Duration: approx. 5 hrs // Departure/Return: flexibile

After Klis we descend to the ancient metropolis Salona (Colonia Martia Julia Salona), the capital of the Roman province of Dalmatia (1st century BC – 7th century AD), formed by the delta of the river Jadro in the protected sea bay below Kozjak mountain. The ruins of an Amphitheatre, a theatre, fortified walls, aqueducts, baths, temples, necropolis and basilicas, still bear witness to the size, prosperity and opulence of the ancient city (60 000 inhabitants). We must highlight the site Manastirine and Episcopal centre as the most important cemeterial or Early Christian complex in this part of Europe.

Upon sightseeing Salona, we are leaving for the centre of the old Croatian Solin, along the river Jadro.