Escorted tour / English speaking escort from start to finish

Departure towards inland, to the village Kotlenice, 15 kilometres away from Split. This village is famous for one of the most beautiful Croatian caves which you will experience accompanied by a local guide for a period of one hour.

Vranjača consists of the two main halls connected with corridors, rich in colours and in shapes quite impressive. Walking on the nice staircase trail for visitors, this illuminated cave will give you a pleasant stay.

  • Departure from destination and drive to the Vranjača cave
  • Arrival and sightseeing with a local guide
  • Departure towards ethnic village
  • Arrival to the village, sightseeing, dinner, Dalmatian games and live music
  • Return 

Duration: approx 6 hrs // Departure/Return: flexibile

After leaving the village Kotlenica we continue to an Ethic Village.

Sightseeing and the welcome aperitif and rich rural gastronomic enjoyment which consists of traditional meals. You ahve chance to walk through the ethno village, visit the old hearths and the wine cellar of our host as well as  play old Dalmatian games, enjoy in food prepared roasted under the fire.