Guided tour: professional English speaking guide from start to finish

Departing from destination towards the ancient metropolis - Salona (Colonia Martia Julia Salona), the capital of the Roman province of Dalmatia (1st century BC – 7th century AD), formed by the delta of the river Jadro in the protected sea bay below Kozjak mountain. The ruins of an Amphitheatre , a theatre, fortified walls, aqueducts, baths, temples, necropolis and basilicas, still bear witness to the size, prosperity and opulence of the ancient city (60 000 inhabitants).

We must highlight the site Manastirine and Episcopal centre as the most important cemeterial or early Christian complex in this part of Europe.

  • Departure from destination and drive to Salona, sightseeing the ruined ancient metropolis
  • Arrival at the resort  "Anton’s mill" in Žrnovnica for organized dinner 
  • Leaving towards the observatory at the Mosor mountain near Split, night observation of the sky
  • Return

Remark: only Friday and Saturday
Duration:  approx.  6 hrs.
Start:  evening hours, from 17:30 – 18:45 hrs. / Finish:  late in the evening   23:30 – 00:30 hrs.

After the tour of Salona, we are going to lunch at Anton’s Mill, the cultural monument, perfect place to relax the mind and the body. Refresh yourself in a cool river, knead bread, light a fire, taste the brandy, a domestic trout and a variety of fresh vegetables spicing it all up with a homemade wine in an authentic ambiance.  

After dinner, the path leads us to the observatory on the Mountain Mosor, above Žrnovnica. In an unusual environment we will slightly move away from earthly worries, by looking up at the night sky. Depending on the date, the telescope will observe various celestial bodies or meteor shower (Tears of St. Lawrence a night with 12 and 13 August). 

Return in the late evening hours.