Guided tour: professional English speaking guide from start to finish

The excursion departs from your starting point towards the ancient metropolis - Salona (Colonia Martia Ivlia Salona), the capital of the Roman province of Dalmatia (1st century BC – 7th century AD), formed by the delta of the river Jadro in the protected sea bay below Kozjak mountain. The ruins of an  Amphitheatre , a theatre, fortified walls, aqueducts, baths, temples, necropolis and basilicas, still bear witness to the size, prosperity and opulence of the ancient city (60 000 inhabitants). We must highlight the site Manastirine and Episcopal centre as the most important cemeterial, or early Christian complex in this part of Europe.

  • Departure from the starting point and drive towards Salona 
  • Arrival and sightseeing of Salona (ruins of the antique metropolis) 
  • Tour of the Artisans estate 
  • Arrival at winemaker family estate, wine tasting, food and leisure
  • Return

Duration: aaprox. 6hrs. // Departure/Return: flexibile

Upon sightseeing Salona, our path takes us to neighbouring Kaštela, to the picturesque estate of the ArtisanZoran, a passionate collector and artist. Formerly in this region dwelled and worked great constructors, sculptors, painters and etchers. But, at the present time there are few people who combine all of these crafts from pure love, living in nature along with his works and collected antiques.

Take a tour at his collection of items, the works of art and handicrafts, familiarizing with Zoran and his various animals in natural environment.

Kaštela field, which through history fed the people of the ancient Salona, Trogir and Split, even today is unavoidable when it comes to wine.

Our next destination is just 5 minutes from Zoran´s estate, on the beach of Kastela Riviera or in a vineyard near the top of the mountain Kozjak*, where you will have the opportunity to meet a range of excellent wines, among which is the most interesting, Crljenak from Kaštela, ancestor of the world famous Zinfandel.

Our host will present to you their Crljenak, Maraština, Opol and Vlaška with appropriate three courses of domestic food.

*Wine tasting in the vineyard on the slopes of mountain Kozjak is possible with 10 € supplement per person