Guided tour / professional English speaking guide from start to finish

This trip is an unusual and interesting way of presenting the destination to visitors who want to experience something new, and consists of the arrival at the archaeological field and interactions with archaeologists.

  • schedule depending on agreement

Duration: depending on situation // Departure/Return: flexibile

This type of tourism is very delicate in terms of sustainability. Due to preservation of archaeological sites and because of unpredictability of the archaeology itself, the number of visitors are limited. Because of these facts, this trip does not offer a ready-made itinerery, but is realised upon request.

All you have to do is choose the period of history that you're most interested in and send your request...

In this way we try to enrich the tourist offer and make a small contribution to the "production of history" in our destination, because the part of funds collected from these trips will be donated for the purpose of further research and conservation work.