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We are a small, family-owned boutique travel company renowned for creating innovative itineraries with a special touch. 
Focused on small-group and private tours, we tailor journeys whith personalized, client-centred approach.
From hand-picked accommodation to everyday activities, our carefully selected staff are designing the experiences to the detail, while our pleasant and knowledgeable expert trip leaders and guides are providing windows into the cultures we explore while ensuring your comfort and safety. 
In a world of challenges presented by modern travel business demand, we are here to meet them by means of our creativity and innovations incorporated in our travel designs. In the heart of the Old World in which we live, it is not difficult to always find fresh motives and to explore time and time again what it is that draws people to such places, actual stage sets for human history with magnificent nature as a backdrop. 
By means of an educational approach and by raising awareness about consumer responsibility and providing examples of good practice, we want to contribute to sustainable development of the local community and tourism in this traditionally multicultural region in our own way.
To Croatia with love,
                                                                   Ventula Travel DMC Team



Sustainability Mission Statement 

Since the founding of our company, our goal was to operate in a socially responsible manner and therefore we are committed to develop the company, together with all of its existing and future partners and suppliers, towards sustainable development.

In practice, sustainable principle as an ideal example can be found everywhere in the functioning of the nature that surrounds us, which us humans persistently ignore and jeopardize. We are just witnessing climate changes caused by humans, exploitation of natural and social resources for the purpose of one's material gain, and negligent, or to put it mildly, awkward expression and activity in terms of cross-cultural differences. It is in all of this that we find the reason and incentive to operate in a socially responsible manner and the inspiration we always find during the implementation of such operations in the wide smiles of our clients.

That's what we call "sustainable inspiration".

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Seher Rohlfs, Germany

seher1.pngMy husband and I recently went traveling through the eastern Mediterranean. While planning the trip we contacted Robbie of Ventula company based on our friends and business partner recommendation. Through communication with us in a few emails, they have organised our entire stay, so all we needed to do is to arrive to Split. As my husband and I are photojournalists traveling on cultural routes and lovers of the Roman period, we wanted to stay somewhere in Croatia to explore ancient heritage. During our week stay, every day Robbie has and his guides have led us literally everywhere, from the familiar to the fascinating hidden places. The days were filled with visits to amazing historical sites, hidden away countryside gems with delicous food and some striking views.  We were surprised with a couple of rainy days too, but then Ventula staff quickly reorganised us to explore some fascinating local people (greetings Zokhi and Marco :)) on their estates and also the next day, experts archaeologists in a couple of town museums. the informations provided, guides, everything was more and even more than we expected. We met the whole team of Ventula company and really became close and we plan to go back again to explore more.

Neno Basic Kostadinovic, Taste Dalmatia, Shuttle d.o.o.



I express my recommendation for Ventula Travel DMC without hesitation. As a CEO of the Taste Dalmatia company and operations manager at Shuttle travel agency, I can state that we have enjoyed quality cooperation with Ventula Travel company. The cooperation we have achieved in several fields, from transportation services and tour guiding to business travel and conference assistances. To the mutual satisfaction we continue further cooperation because of their competence, sense of innovation and constant desire to meet our requirements.