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Bullfighting event in Dalmatian hinterland

This festivity was initially started in the 1990s in the hamlet of Škopljanci, one of the first hamlets situated just over Kozjak mountain, on the panoramic local road from Kaštela with very scarce traffic.
However, although locals call it the “Bikijada”, which translated means a Bull-fest, some refer to it as corrida, or locally Korida, it actually is a bull-fighting event.
Local people have been everything but indifferent towards Bikijada. To some it represents a great thrill, maybe even something exotic, while some consider it a rural development; to some is an incident, a genuine catastrophe – an animal exploiting event, while some view it as a chance for good business.

A climb to Starigrad Fortress

Omiška Dinara is a favourite climbing area for many hiking enthusiasts. Climbing to its highest peak called Kula or Imber is a bit longer, but higher altitudes usually give a higher reward. The trail to the Starigrad fortress is, for the most part, quite easy and suitable for kids and very inexperienced climbers. There is a shorter, steeper and more rocky part, but nothing that can’t be crossed over with a little

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Heritage of the Blaca Hermitage

It has been ages since I promised my children I would take them to Blaca Hermitage, as I have been telling them all about the magnificent feat done by people who founded it back in the period of Ottoman invasions. The imposing structure was gradually built

Travelling Through Dalmatia

Travelling Through Dalmatia   Many have written about and to Dalmatia. From ancient writers who recorded the newly coined toponym at the turn of the first century, through various travel writers who travelled through these parts as early as in Renaissance times,...

About People of Dalmatia

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